Clinical Services & Haemovigilance

Dr. Dilys John-Teye
Head, Clinical Services

We do a bit more for our blood donors.

As part of our clinical services, highly qualified staff provide professional counselling and referral services to blood donors with infection issues. They also take care of blood donors who experience problems during or after giving blood.

Our professionals also manage blood donors who are deferred from giving blood due to low haemoglobin, as well as manage patients with some blood issues such as polycythaemia.

We provide specialist advice to clinicians in the clinical area on transfusion.

Another part of the work we do is haemovigilance. This part of our work entails training donor care staff on donor selection, following up blood donors with post-donation problems and managing blood donor incidents. We also conduct trainings for hospital staff on haemovigilance and regular review of reports on clinical vigilance and report same to the Food and Drugs Authority.

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