Donor Services

Mrs. Marian Davies
Head Donor Care
Mr. David Ahiadzro
Head Donor Recruitment

Safe blood donors are the cornerstone of our operations. Recruiting safe donors is an indispensable component of the work we do. Our recruitment work entails identifying low-risk populations, educating and motivating them to give blood regularly.

We make use of various methods of education and creating awareness among the public. We also solicit the active cooperation of various media (both electronic and print versions) to boost our blood donor recruitment programme.

We have trained staff who are engaged in the recruitment, motivation and retention of blood donors. They are trained appropriately to our local needs.

We also organize mobile blood collection sessions in collaboration with schools, places of worship, corporate organizations, work places, organized community groups and media houses to collect blood from voluntary blood donors.

Donor Care & Counselling

We ensure that the act of giving blood is safe and causes no harm to the donor. We have a donor selection programme that protects the health and safety of blood donors by ensuring that we collect blood only from healthy people.

Our programme also ensures the safety of patients because we collect blood only from donors whose donations, when transfused, will be safe for recipients.

Counselling is another integral part of the duty of care that we owe to all persons who present themselves to give blood. Before, during and after blood donation, we hold confidential conversations with blood donors about issues relating to their health and the donation process.It is a means by which we promote healthy lifestyles and make an important contribution to our blood donors and the community at large.

Blood Collection

We employ best practices and stringent principles of safety when collecting blood from our blood donors. Our blood collection processes are quality assured and validated. We pay close attention to issues like hygiene, correct donor identification and adverse reactions.

We have systems in place to ensure that blood donors who experience reactions before, during and after giving blood are managed by our well-trained donor care professionals.

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