Finance Services

Mr. Mohammed Murtala
Head, Finance

Our Finance department operates to support us achieve our goals, especially our goal in ensuring financial sustainability of blood services. The department works in four core functional areas.


Budget preparation

Support in the preparation of corporate budget for our operations in line with the budget guidelines issued by the Ministry of Finance.

Expenditure and expenditure control

This area of operations covers approval of payments made for goods and services and other internal necessary payments. The department also ensures that the expenses made for our operations do not over run our budget by compare budgeted figures against approved payments.

Revenue mobilization

An important area of our Finance department is revenue mobilization where we harness the needed revenue to finance our programme of activities for the fiscal year. In this regard, the department institutes pragmatic strategies to enhance revenue generation and debt collection, in particular.

Financial reporting

This area covers the disclosure of financial results and related information on our operations to our Board, Management and relevant external stakeholders (Ministry of Finance, Controller and Accountant General’s Department, Ministry of Health and donors).

Apart from its core functional areas, the Finance department also supports in other aspects of the work we do like auditing and event planning (blood donor day celebrations and performance reviews). The department also recently instituted internal administrative office in addition to its core duties to support in administrative and human resource management activities.

The Finance department operates under its own core values of:

  • Professional Competency
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Supportiveness
  • Confidentiality

These values, as well as knowledge and information sharing, teamwork, capacity building and the proactive use of information technology are deliberately integrated into the department’s work.

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