Laboratory Services

Mrs. Shiela Allotey
Head, Laboratory Services
Blood Testing

Prevention of transfusion-transmitted infection is critical for the safety of the blood supply in Ghana. As part of our commitment to blood safety, we ensure that each donated blood is tested for infectious diseases before release for transfusion.

We test all donated blood for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Syphilis. We also conduct blood grouping tests on all donated blood to determine the blood group of each unit. Screening for irregular or unexpected antibodies is performed on every donated unit.

All antibody screen positives are identified and unit labelled as such. Antibody titres (Anti –A and Anti-B) antibodies are determined on all group O blood donations. High-titred anti-A and anti-B antibodies are labeled on the units, which are only given to blood group recipients.

Blood Processing

We perceive whole blood collected from our donors as a precious asset so we prepare blood products from donated blood to benefit multiple patients. Our aim is to ensure that patients are transfused with only the components they need.

In a year, over 40,000 different components are prepared across the country.

Our blood processing programme ensures that we maximize the use of one donation, while making the best use of donated blood, which is a scarce resource.

We separate blood donations into four main components, namely Concentrated Red Cells (CRCs), Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Platelet Concentrate and Cryoprecipitate. We also prepare paediatric packs of CRCs and FFPs.

On request, we also prepare other products like Washed Red cells.


We distribute blood and blood products to hospitals for transfusion. We have a good understanding and relationship with health facilities that allows them to source for blood and blood products from us.

Other Services

We offer other Immuno-haematological services such as:

  • Extended red cell phenotyping
  • Antenatal Screening (Blood grouping and screening for irregular or unexpected red cell antibodies)
  • Identification and titration of antibody
  • Compatibility testing for special cases or difficult crossmatches

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