Quality Services

Mrs. Mavis Okyere
Mrs. Mavies Okyere
Head, Quality

The provision of safe and efficacious blood and blood components involves a number of steps, from the selection of blood donors, appropriate blood collection procedure, processing and testing of donated blood, compatibility tests on the patient’s sample, issue and its administration to the patient. This is termed as the ‘transfusion chain. The Quality department ensures the implementation of quality systems in the transfusion chain.

The department ensures that processes within the transfusion chain are performed according to the required standards and activities carried out by the National Blood Service meet required specifications. The department also plays the key role of ensuring safe transfusion practice by contributing to the development of national policies, guidelines, manuals and procedures.

It is the responsibility of the department to develop and manage an effective document control system for the Blood Service through production, distribution and consistent use of correct and controlled documents. The department also ensures the development of Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) covering all the procedures within the transfusion chain as part of documentation, including equipment installation, validation, calibration and maintenance.

The Quality department ensures regular training of all categories of staff and conduction of competence assessment as a requirement for the maintenance of quality in staff performance. Training of staff to ensure all staff maintain quality in all aspects of their work is conducted at regular intervals.

The Quality department also ensures the monitoring of the quality systems by managing processes and procedures, conduction of audits and using the outcomes of audits to improve and continually maintain Quality Management systems.

Department email: quality@nbs.gov.gh