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Partner with us

Join with us in our quest to make a real impact to the everyday wellbeing of all persons living in Ghana.
Ways we can make an impact together
  • Corporate blood donation

    If you want to improve your organisation’s staff engagement and satisfaction, why don’t you organize a corporate blood donation exercise with a truly rewarding outcome: saving lives.

    Whether you’re from a big organisation or small business, you’ve got one thing in common – a big heart.

    What you gain
    Teaming up to give blood is a life-changing move, and it will feel great knowing you and your organisation are saving lives together, while contributing the health of humanity.

    You also get to bond as a team, all in a day’s work of saving lives.

    What goes into it?
    You can give blood at the same time, in a group, then make it part of your organisation’s routine. You can do it first thing in the morning, during lunch or part of a regular social activity for the day. No matter the time you decide to do it, saving lives is always a good reason to get together.

    Find out more, including how to register your organisation so you can get started.

  • Research and project collaborations

    You can help advance our efforts in research and development, so that together we can make a bigger difference beyond blood.

    Even though we’ve come far, we still have a lot to learn. We partner with scientists, clinicians and researchers from all over the world to learn more about best practices and how best we can improve blood services in Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa.

    Read more about our research.

    Your partnership and support will help us explore into very important and critical areas to find new ways to deliver life-giving support to those in need.

    To learn more about partnering with the National Blood Service on research and other projects, please contact us.

Partner with the Blood Service

Volunteer with us

There are many ways to save lives with the National Blood Service than just giving blood. You can be a volunteer for us.
Ways you can volunteer with us
  • Be a voluntary blood donor organizer

    If you can get a group together to give blood, then well, you’ve got what it takes to be a voluntary blood donor organizer.

  • What's Involved?

    Identify small or bigger groups and make it part of your routine to engage them to give blood regularly. It could be in your school, university, sports club, social club, workplace or within your circle of friends.

    The Benefits

    Apart from the great feeling of knowing you’re helping save lives, you will receive training from us and some occasional perks.
    Get in touch with us to find out more.

  • Help out during a blood donation session

    Our volunteers are an essential part of our efforts to make the donation process run smoothly.

    You can spare some time to help our blood collection teams during blood donation sessions with large numbers. Your act of service will help to ensure our donors are well looked after.

    Simply complete the form below and we will get in touch.

  • Be an advocate for voluntary blood donation

    Advocacy plays a crucial role in securing ongoing commitment and support from all our stakeholders for a safe blood supply based on 100% voluntary unpaid blood donation.

    Saving lives through blood transfusions is part of our community but we cannot do everything on our own. That is why we need your support.

    Whether you a blood donor or not, you can advocate for voluntary blood donation in Ghana by highlighting wider role of voluntary blood donation in health promotion, community service and good citizenship.

    If you are recipient of a blood transfusion or know someone who is, you can speak about your own or your families’ personal experience of transfusion to others so they know how important it is to give blood freely and regularly.

    The community needs us (the Blood Service) and we need the community. So, wherever you find yourself in the community, talk about the need for everyone to give blood or support in one way or the other.

    In this way, the needs of the most vulnerable are managed with an adequate supply of the safest blood possible.

    Find out more about how you can advocate for voluntary blood donation in Ghana.

Volunteer with the Blood Service

Support our Work

Blood is given as a free resource without payment to blood donors. However, the real cost of making blood safe and readily available lies in things like maintenance of venues for donor sessions, vehicles and equipment, as well as staffing costs, such as training, communications, media, fuel, donor refreshments, blood collection bags and other consumables.
That is why we need all the support we can get. Apart from giving blood or advocating for voluntary blood donation, you can support the work that we do with your resources.

  • Make a financial donation

    The Blood Service is here for all persons living in Ghana. We support more people in more ways than ever before through blood and more.

    You can support us by giving blood, or with a financial donation for our various blood donor and laboratory programmes.
    Let us know how you want to support the work we do to save lives.

  • Donate resources

    As we’re here for Ghanaians, you can also be there for us by giving other resources other than money.

    You can donate resources like beverages, souvenirs, equipment, laboratory consumables and vehicles.

    This will go along way to help us sustain our work in technical areas like screening donated blood for transfusion-transmissible infections, blood donor education, motivation, retention and donor care.

    Tell us what you can give to support our life-saving work.

Support with the Blood Service